Solving Problems More Easily And Effectively

When you come across a problem, small or large, what is the typical way you try solving it? Exactly, you put your mind to it. By comparing similar problems and solutions from the past, your mind will present you with different options to choose from. And, if you don’t have any personal experience to fall back on, your mind will suggest that you do some research or ask the advice from other people.

But, what do you do if your mind is unable to find an answer, notwithstanding all the knowlegde and experience that you or other people have? At such moments you can easily feel overwhelmed or helpless. Actually, when I look around me right now, I see a lot of people struggling with problems like that, e.g. how to find a loving relationship, a satisfying job, more money or happiness.

Sounds familiar? Do you have problems for which you are still looking for a solution?

In that case you might be interested to hear about a totally different way to solve your problems; a way which, based on my personal experience, is not only much more effective, but also more easy and fun…

However, before giving you some practical guidance on this, let’s listen to Bashar explaining the relationship between your physical (personality) mind, your brain and your higher self.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now let me ask you a question. How do you feel about Bashar’s statement that your physical mind was never designed to generate original and effective solutions, because that is the domain of the higher self?

You doubt that? Well did you ever experience a moment where you got a “brilliant” idea just out of nothing, wondering where on earth it came from? Could it be that Bashar is right….?

During a workshop about passion, Tobias explained this slightly differently. He explained that your physical mind is designed to answer questions like: how much is one and one, or, what did you eat last night, or what is the maximum speed on the highway? In short, things you can memorize. But it is not equiped to answer questions like: what makes me feel happy, or what is my purpose in life? The answer to those questions will never come from your physical mind.

How to apply this practically

So, how do you apply this concept practically in your day to day life? Well, I can only explain how I use it. When I come across a problem to which I don’t have an immediate answer, I will simply put the problem aside, knowing that sooner or later a solution will pop up and I will know what to do.

Sounds too simple?! Why don’t you try it a couple of times and see for yourself if it works. You may be surprised by the ease and grace of this new problem solving technique…

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