Hi, my name is Jan Brouwer and like so many others I have been on the spiritual path for a long, long time. Until 2005 this was mostly a passive journey, i.e. reading lots of spiritual (New Age) books and occasionally attending a workshop. Looking back it is clear now that all these years prepared me for what would happen in 2005 and thereafter.

Accelerating My Spiritual Journey

I can’t remember exactly how, but in 2005, after having completed the basic EMF training modules, I stumbled upon the Crimson Circle website. The impact was enormous. I literally couldn’t work for days. Without interruption I read and listened to all the monthly channels they have in their free library. It felt as if everything that was said was directed at me personally.

On impulse I decided to join the Crimson Circle multidimensional Camelot tour, visiting all kinds of sacred sites in the UK of which the Chalice Well in Glastonbury had the biggest impact on me energetically. During the tour I developed a special relationship with Geoff and Linda Hoppe, who started the Crimson Circle in 1999.

In 2006, I attended two of their most popular workshops, DreamWalker Death and the Sexual Energies School and again I was deeply impacted by the experience. The practical information and tools that were provided helped me to change and transform my life in a profound way and I shared my experiences with a large audience during the Crimson Circle Midsummer conference in Breckenridge (USA). In fact, I was so enthusiastic about these workshops that I decided to become one of their teachers and I have conducted many of their workshops since then.

Walking the Talk

Early 2007, I started to help Geoff and Linda with coordinating the teacher activities in Europe and in June they asked me to become the Chief Operating Officer of the company, which I was for 2 years until August 2009. During this time I also got involved in teacher training and product development.

I continued to share my experiences and insights about applying the Crimson Circle teachings in my daily life through monthly newsletter articles, at the conferences and I even wrote a little book titled “[download id=”1″]”. Walking the talk became my new motto.

Inspiring Others

After I left, I continued to facilitate the Crimson Circle workshops, but I also started to develop my own courses using practical information from a wide variety of spiritual sources such as the Crimson Circle, Abraham Hicks, Bashar and Mooji.

TheSpiritualCoach website brings all my activities and experiences from the past years together in one place. It is an expression of my passion to help others to “walk the talk”, find more joy and transform their life in a positive way.

Enjoying Life

Golf in Portugal

Besides my “spiritual” activities, I also work as a freelance interim manager and coach. I have over 25 years of experience in international business and (risk) management and enjoyed a wide variety of experiences, e.g. financing Hollywood movies, managing an offshore bank in the Caribbean and running my own software distribution company. For me life is fun.

I am currently living in a small village near Amsterdam. I have three children of which two are still in university. I love movies, music and books, golf, skiing, hiking in nature, traveling and (Italian) food with a glass of wine, or two.