Free Stuff is offering free workbooks with practical information, tools and exercises for people who want to realize change in their life.

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7 day program to help you understand what reality really is and how you can positively change your reality by using the practical tools and exercises that are being offered. Workbook (PDF): 19 pages.

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7 day program to help you become aware how your beliefs negatively influence your ability to enjoy abundance and how you can release these limiting beliefs by using the practical tools and exercises that are being offered. Workbook (PDF): 21 pages.

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A book about my experiences in applying the spiritual teachings of Crimson Circle’s Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain, which eventually brought real transformation and abundance into my life. I explain how I dealt with a number of personal challenges and how with the power of conscious choice I made fundamental and lasting changes in my life. Each chapter contains a playsheet with a number of questions that will help you reflect on your own (abundance) issues and to inspire you to consciously choose the way you want to live your own life. Workbook (PDF): 71 pages.