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Using Feelings As Decision Making Tool

In our culture we are so trained to use our mind, instead of our feelings, that we totally ignore this unique guidance system. How to use your feelings for guidance and decision making. Continue reading

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When Is It Time To Move On?

How to create more clarity for yourself, and a better outcome, when you question if it is time to move on in a relationship or at work. Continue reading

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3 Ways To Avoid Stress And Make Life More Easy

Stress at work. Some people say that they benefit from it because it helps them to reach peak performance. Others say that they enjoy it because it makes them feel more alive. What about you? Do you need or enjoy stress or … Continue reading

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Dealing With Indecision

How often do you experience moments of indecision? Sometimes? All the time? Too often? Although I am pretty clear nowadays when it comes to choosing and deciding, it still happens to me every now and then that I feel doubt … Continue reading

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