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Do You Feel Alive?

Sometimes a song is so powerful that it goes straight to your heart. No explanation needed, you feel the music more than anything else. This is one of those songs. Please enjoy this live performance with Celine Dion passionately singing about being alive … Continue reading

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Happy New Year: Drop Your Good Intentions!

What are your good intentions for 2011? Losing weight? Drinking less alcohol? Stop smoking? Eating more healthy food? Exercising more often? My suggestion is to drop them all. Why? If you were really motivated, you would already be doing it! … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love (Movie Review)

Review of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, starring Julia Roberts, about a personal journey to discover life and spirit. Continue reading

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Using Rituals To Energetically Disconnect From Relationships

After breaking up a relationship many people find it difficult to move on because of the energetic ties they still experience. Rituals can help you to energetically disconnect. Examples of rituals. Continue reading

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